Thursday, December 10, 2009


Thank you for the enjoyable course material. I realise now how much capability their is on the web and i must accept i am never going to use it all. Rather than stress over it all just grab and experience small and relevant chunks at a time. some of the applications will minimise the time spent and keep everything in 1 place like delicious and rollyo. Not a fan of the virtual world,much rather live in the real world. Looking forward to enhancing my knowledge and usage of the course material. Thanks again.

Activity 21 & 22

Finally completed. Better late than never they say. Great way to finish learning I can access books via the net for free. I can see great value in both. Accessible at anytime and anyplace. Can take with you in your pocket. No reason for people not to read. Does take some getting used to - I found my eyes straining after a while and I tired easily - but that could just be the time of year. Terrific for special needs and even those that prefer a mix of auditory stimulation. Audio would be great for those long trips in the car.

Activity 21

Love and use both these sites. They are great resources to make classes interesting. For example my struggling Maths class really love the Abbott and Costello routine on maths.

As shown with commoncraft can be used as an onlne tutorial. Teacher tube provides the necessary filter to allow better usage in the classroom setting.

Activity 20

Have used Podcasts many times both radio and tv. ABC,Sixty minutes and a current affair for PDHPE and Mathsonline (a great tutorial free service). Very familiar with these.

Activity 19

found Rollyo very similar to Delicious. Would make little sense in using both and splitting all organised sites between the 2. Created a username-
Delicious seems the easier of the 2 at the prelim phase however over time i may change my opinion.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Activty 18

A wealth of opportunities and information available here. Will have to explore further before i can utilise in PDHPE. Certainly useful in key subject areas. It is just a matter of sourcing then collating all these resources, bring on the holidays and some research time. Did enjoy the mothercraft explanation again.

Activity 17 Delicious Acct

My account is