Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Activity 14

Joined up and have since been bombed with emails to join. Struggle to find the time to update and play on these sites but i am sure it is something i will warm to. Do people get offended when you do not accept them as friends? I can see the need to create groups as to not share personal details with evereyone. Can easily see how teenage parties get out of control when people post details online to the masses with the click of a button. Great way to remain in contatc with people. Twitter to me is like all this reality TV shows where our entertainment is following other peoples lives. Not for me at this stage.

Activity 13

Did play around with myspace years ago but not something thta stimulated me enough to remain active. Like Idol or a talent quest online. Great link for the libraries to tap into this network and target education on their terms. May encourage more teengares to view libraries differently. Prefer facebook.

Activity 12

Flickr is another opportunity to save all files and share online. Uploaded a few photos and used editing features. similar uses to facebook where photos can be accessed by those we choose. The tags allows pictures to be easily tracked which is a handy option. This course has opened my eyes to the power of the web and the increasing opportunities we have to share our photos and lives.As a teacher i am worried about the ability to shares unwanted photos with the masses. used correctly a wonderful tool. Call me a pessimist but i do not believe these sites will remain free always. Only when most people are hooked and have most files online a fee will be introduced. Link is

Activity 11

Library thing has some great features for avid readers. A great way to search and swap books or even read reviews before you buy. Will also link people with similar intereste and tastes. a good resource for english teachers or librarians but i am sure i will find an opportunity for my own use. Just added the nearest 3 books and the link is

Monday, October 19, 2009

Activity 10

Loved these sights and their capabilities despite the frustrations of servers down or getting lost in the instructions. Love to do images for parrties and could use as presentations and funny ice breakers with the students. will explore further here. My little girl loved the images, " How did you do that Dad". Will enjoy the genius tag whilst it lasts.

Activity 9-

WOW forgive me father it has been a while since my last blog with the new house cosuming all of me. Spent some time,actually playing around here ended up quite some time. I can see the addictive nature of these sites and to be frank it does nothing for me personally. I am concerned about the impact these sites have on those who use them as a means of entertainment and social interaction. Over time it has to reduce ones ability to socilaise and form real time relationships where communication is face to face not behind the security of a keyboard. With a growing family my leisure time is invested in challe nging them daily with real life activties and outdoor experiences and to be happy developing themselves not aiming to create an online persona through the internet.