Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Activity 4- Web 2.0

Finally got to writing this blog after reading all the materials. Some interesting points. The great challenge is sifting through the information and grabbing what is relevant now and letting the rest go for another day. Feel at times bogged down with the amount of information/resources out there and the stress of not finding sufficient time to dig deeper and utilise all of it. As a PE teacher and sports advocate i am con cerned at the attraction of internet activities and the impact on physical activity and live social interaction. I struggle to vision a digital school for all but the highly motivated with stable family life. Schools provide much more than curriculum information and teachers are much more than just educators( i will not list all the things here as most teachers will undertand where i am coming from). Certainly the interent provides a great resource for information and we as teachers need to ensure students are equipped to extract this information and critically analyse to formulate their own opinions. With the web now available on most mobiles accessability to the Web is a constant and we need to teach students appropriate use.

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